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Lifemoves & The Phoenix
What is/are Livemoves? It’s a name I coined when starting my bodywork business upon graduation from Feldenkrais Training in 1997 It’s a local business registered and based in Marin County, CA but also a way of looking at the world Have you noticed?---Life moves constantly! (Take a peek out the window) My freshman biology teacher, Enid Larsen, at Carmel HS in Carmel, CA said it best: “Change is the Law of Life” Pleasantly or unpleasantly, it’s change and adapt, or die But, saving grace, we get to choose--- the kind of death/s, large and small, and how many! And who’s up for a thousand little excruciating deaths with no redeeming rebirths? Few that I know Hence: Lifemoves---for renewal and transformation! Skills include Breema bodywork, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration--- Look! That big bird rising from the charred embers Is already flapping his wings---The Phoenix Enabled!
Martial Arts
Peter studies and sometimes teaches: ---The Shaolin, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Broadsword and Staff of Kuo Lien Ying, master of internal kung-fu arts, who taught at SF’s Portsmouth Square from 1966 to 1981 ---The Hsing-yi, Ba Ji, Tong Bei, Praying Mantis and Long-tasseled Sword of Xu Bo Ran, master and teacher’s teacher of kung-fu at Shandong Sports University in Shandong Province, China
I write to stay alive and not miss out on the Impressions (the good and vitalizing kind) that have a habit of flying away beyond the horizon if we don’t take intentional notice It’s a kind of mining of experience, really A looking for that deep aqueduct--- call it “The Crystal Spring”--- that flows underneath the surface of things Never does it run dry unless we let it--- Poetry--- Travel writing--- Short stories--- Sketches in prose--- These are some of my favorites But, in all,“the play’s the thing” Shakespeare said That! The words the words the words get a chance their own sweet chance To redeem
Who Is
If you’re asking “Who Is Peter, Really?” you’re not alone Strange, but I’ve been asking that same question all my life What I’ve found: not what I appear to be! The prickly question is about that I--- It divides to three, actually--- From where did that I first arise? Where is it going? How does it change/metamorphose along the way? Truly, "Peter" would be lost without his Witness--the big brother Impartial I which keeps tabs on all the changes while deepening connection to the Source
A word of warning--- Mine is a very slow flow train To ride, it’s best to dial back your watch pre-industrial to what’s sometimes called “Indian Time” I’m partial to that vintage iron horse that wind itself propels through the prairie’s sweet grass hills just east of Blackfoot Country, leaving no a track There are still a lot of buffaloes around and Native Americans, too, dancing their visions No one’s shooting them either---not on my website! And not on your life