B. March 17, 1942.
Hmmmm, okay--- Let’s take a trip to the natural history museum where that great long dinosaur skeleton is on display You’ve undoubtedly seen it You know!---That thing must have weighed tons How did it even walk, let alone run? Especially if it was lumbering plant eater like me? How did it escape those fast ferocious nimble carnivores Of which the world was (and still is) full? The answer: stout legs and armor plates, buddy! Armor plates are indispensable--- not good to eat, totally unappetizing, actually Nobody can swallow one whole, no matter how hard they try

I’ll sketch the outlines of mine: ---Princeton education ---Short career as a journalist and sometime editor with quickie stops at the Humboldt Times in Eureka, CA; AP’s San Francisco bureau; SF Chronicle

Longer career---it only seemed that way---as a free flowing, grass blowing hippie who played alotta guitar

An eternity---it only seemed that way---as a Marin County, CA postal letter carrier as a way of funding my “alternative lifestyle”

But to be fair, human life is more than just survival It’s also about developing inner strength and even “inner qualities” Dinosaurs, surprisingly, can do that, too In fact, the longer you live, the greater the odds Nature is a very efficient killer of that which is not relevant or connected to the deep running sap of life

Some of my ways/life studies: ---Chinese kung-fu ---Breema bodywork ---Feldenkrais Method of somatic re-education ---Yoga and meditation, lots of it

Fact is that the La Brea Tar Pit, the black sticky familiar mess--- as well as the way we age---may be largely conceptual, a construct of our own devising In the '60's, '70's and '80's in SF's Portsmouth Square, I watched my Tai Chi Master, Kuo Lien Ying, seemingly hold time in abeyance well into his ninth decade Deep were his energetic roots, sunk both in living kung-fu tradition and the field of awareness His joyous embrace of life was both inspiring and totally contagious What alchemy did he possess? What secret body-based knowledge informed his being? Returning finally to his native Inner Mongolia, he left his student practitioners with a tantalizing question to ponder: just how young can "old"---steeped in essence--become?

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